Sunday, August 8

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Programs start at 11 am (Central)
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Watch the MGM Classic Together

It's a watchalong matinee of MGM's classic film beginning at 11 am central time; you'll need to play the film yourself on a second device while Tori Calamito leads our discussion of it over Youtube.

If you think you know the film well enough to enjoy the party without actually playing it? That's fine too! We're happy to have you join us.

Victoria Calamito

Paint With Us:
All for Fun and Fun for All!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Challenge

Karen Diket

Our third and final Kahootz! Wizard of Oz Challenge...

This round will likely start between 3 and 3:30 depending on how our painting party is winding down. Consider joining us at 3 and you can't watch our artists finish up their work!

Show & Tell

The International Wizard of Oz Club

Bring something for Oz show-and-tell!

When we're all participating from home, you have options you don't have traveling to in-person events.

One Last Puzzle (A Hard One!)

Trivia, Bingo, and Oz in One

Lynn Beltz

Our final round of Oz bingo is your last chance to win a prize.

Sunday Encore: Betty Ann Bruno

Betty Ann Bruno is one of the five non-fiction authors profiled on one of our pre-recorded programs.  If you enjoyed that glimpse into her fascinating life, here’s a 37-minute version of her interview with Oz Club President Jane Albright. 

Games With Friends

Sarah Crotzer

Our Baum Bugle editor-in-chief Sarah Crotzer invites you to learn and play three of vintage Oz board games that she has digitized. Sarah will host tables for a different game every day, which convention guests can enjoy either as participants or spectators. Friday night: 1921's The Wonderful Game of Oz Saturday night: 1939's The Game of the Wizard of Oz Sunday afternoon: 1968's Off to See the Wizard To play or watch, you'll need to use a computer - not a phone - and register for free access to the Steam platform ( After registration, you will need to find and purchase Tabletop Simulator (a $19.99 purchase). Along with her individual game tutorials below, Sarah has created a special video guide to using Tabletop Simulator (link to be provided).

PLEASE watch this short video before you arrive to play the games. Players need a free account at, and will need to purchase the Tabletop Simulator for $19.99.
Use the buttons at right to learn each game.

Flashback to 2020: Under the Covers
Broadway's Wicked: a Playlist

Blair Frodelius

Bringing the legend of Oz to a whole new generation, Wicked is arguably the most popular (see what I did there?) interpretation since 1939. In fact, there are over 100 cover versions of tunes from the musical. This playlist showcases some of the more obscure and interesting ones including a recent one recorded by a family during the quarantine. We also have a few dance club versions as well as a barbershop quartet arrangement of “As Long As You're Mine." The playlist closes out with a beautiful rendition of “For Good” on harp. You'll turn green with envy after enjoying these new arrangements. (31 minutes)