Oz, a Spiritual Journey

Fr. Johnpaul Cafiero

See how Dorothy’s journey can give us insight into the steps and curves of the true spiritual journey home. Come along, click your heels and enjoy this journey down the Yellow Brick Road of life.

Walter Krueger Oz Collection Highlights

Walter Krueger takes you into his private collection. He shares some of his rare and favorite pieces, including one-of-a-kind treasures.

Totos Around Town

Marissa Streeter

Join the OZ Museum for a tour of the Totos Around Town installment in Wamego. This tour will visit the various, colorfully hand-painted Toto statues that are placed around town – there are 15 total! There are maps for discovering the Totos which can be found at various locations in Wamego, including of course, OZ Museum. Once you’re comfortable getting out and about, you can snag your own map and go for an OZsome adventure!

The OZ Museum: A Peek Inside

Marissa Streeter

Have you visited the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas? Here's a look at what you'll find.

Oz Books: What Do I Have?

Michael Gessel

Collector Michael Gessel discusses how to identify Oz books: How to figure out the first editions, printing dates, and special features. This presentation, which is aimed at beginners, offers general guidelines. He discusses color plates, spine imprints, covers, jackets, and other distinguishing characteristics. He also provides tips for collecting.

Under the Covers of Broadway's Wicked: a Playlist

Blair Frodelius

Bringing the legend of Oz to a whole new generation, Wicked is arguably the most popular (see what I did there?) interpretation since 1939. In fact, there are over 100 cover versions of tunes from the musical. This playlist showcases some of the more obscure and interesting ones including a recent one recorded by a family during the quarantine. We also have a few dance club versions as well as a barbershop quartet arrangement of “As Long As You're Mine." The playlist closes out with a beautiful rendition of “For Good” on harp. You'll turn green with envy after enjoying these new arrangements. (31 minutes)

Stitching Through Oz

Garett Kilgore

Patterns and kits for Oz-theme needlework have been popular for many years. Garrett Kilgore shows you some of his favorites.

Oz.ORG: A Look at the New Oz Play

Ryan Bunch

Oz Club Vice President Ryan Bunch visits with New Jersey writer and theatre artist, Amber Kusching, about her interactive, dystopian, technological take on the L. Frank Baum classic tale. Kusching's play OZ.ORG will stream on Zoom as a part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in September; where Oz is only a click of the ruby slippers or a click of the mouse away.

Lunch: Picnic in Chicago’s Oz Park

Scott Cummings

The Marvelous Land of Oz was discovered in Chicago, and one of the most visible tributes to L. Frank Baum’s fairyland is a lovely park just north of downtown. Join us for a brief tour of Oz-related sites in Chicago, ending in Oz Park, where we will enjoy a picnic with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion.

Live at To Oz! 1 PM (Eastern)

Ryan Jay

Oz historian Ryan Jay hosts our last daily live Zoom session, chatting with our To Oz! community.

Farewell from the Oz Cast