Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning 9-1 EDT

Celebrate The Wizard of Oz

Spirit of Oz

Follow along -- sing along! -- as The Spirit of Oz cast performs the classic story of The Wizard of Oz. From the original story's first illustrations, to the tunes from the MGM classic, it's a tribute fit for the film's anniversary.

Tour Oz Sculpture Garden in Holland Michigan

Linda Hart

Take a stroll down the yellow-brick-road in Holland, Michigan. The Holland Oz Project began seven years ago with an idea to pay tribute to L. Frank Baum who vacationed in Holland on the shores of Lake Michigan in the late 1800’s. Learn how a community embraced this idea of honoring the classic story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and how a single idea grew into the popular Oz Sculpture Garden today. Our guide Linda Hart is joined by Jamie Scott, the Deputy Director of Parks and Cemeteries for the City of Holland. He holds a degree in horticulture from Michigan State University with an emphasis in landscape design and has over 20 years’ experience in the green industry. Want to support this project? The fundraising campaign to personalize a brick closes Sept. 1, 2020.

Bring Oz to Your Own Backyard

Paula Gibson Johnson

Paula offers a step-by-step demonstration of how to make your own Oz themed garden stepping stones. The presentation will show how to use cake pans, thrift store finds, for other simple tools. There’s even an easy make-your-very-own sculpture guide you can turn it into a one-of-a-kind stepping stone mold! If you decide to get hands-on at home, download her tips sheet here.

Up, Up and Away; Craft a Mini Hot-Air Balloon

John Coulter

John Coulter walks you through a step-by-step craft project. The final result? A delightful miniature hot air balloon. From construction to a painted finish, John shows you how to create this ornament and bring a touch of handmade Oz to your collection or Christmas tree.

Music! Drama! Oz!

Anthony Whitaker

Joined by friends from the New America Folk Theatre, Anthony Whitaker serves up both original Oz drama and some of his favorite Oz music.

Collectors Corner: A Coloring Books Collection

David Lee

Oz collector David Lee provides a gallery of Oz coloring books—more than 130 of them—for your perusal. If you collect Oz coloring books or would like to start this comprehensive look at what’s available will show you just how extensive a collection is possible.

Under the Covers of Broadway’s The Wiz: a Playlist

Blair Frodelius

Although the film version of the hit Broadway musical was not a box office success, there are a lot of great songs that have been covered over the years. For this set-list, we’ve chosen five pieces that really show the variety of arrangements including marching band from 2016, a version from a 1980’s British children's television program, and even a lovely version of If You Believe by the ever young Johnny Mathis recorded in 1978. Ease on down the road for a few minutes with these new interpretations. (20 minutes)

Runaway Readings:
Six Short Stories by L. Frank Baum

Aaron Almanza

A reading of “The Runaway Shadows and Other Stories by L.Frank Baum.” This collection of stories from 1901-1905 was published by the International Wizard of Oz club in 1980. Moving from the jingles and rhymes of Father Goose: His Book, Baum’s short stories show his growth into fuller, richer fairy tales for older children. Many of the ideas would show up again in Santa Claus, Yew, Zixi or the Oz books. They’re delightful short stories and glimpses into Baum’s imagination.

1. Strange Tale of Nursery Folk

2. The Bad Man

3. The King Who Changed His Mind

4. The Runaway Shadows

5. A Kidnapped Santa Claus

6. Nelebel’s Fairyland


Lunch: Collecting Swift’s Oz Peanut Spread

Jane Albright

Take a smooth, creamy, crunchy dive into collecting Swift & Company Peanut Butter memorabilia. From jars to glasses to beach pails, oh, my! A nearly four decade run of Oz themed releases from the company have become a variant lovers dream).

Official Entry Instructions: Toto Look-Alike, Best Dressed Pet, Definitely Not Toto Pet Photos, & Fan Costume Contests

Enter the Contests Now: Here's How

These are the official contest entry instructions for the Toto Look-Alike,  Best-Dressed Pet and the Definitely Not Toto Pet contests.  Your cosplay, too; the Fan Costume Contest is for you.

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