Saturday Evening

Saturday Evening 5-8 PM EDT

Happy hour: The Oz Winery Uncorked

Kristen Phillip

Get ready to be transported into the wonderful world of Oz Winery! Kristen will walk you through the winery’s beginnings and feature all the current whimsical Oz themed labels the winery has to offer. From our Poppy Field to Angry Trees, there is a wine style and label for every wine lover and Oz fan.

Dinner: Collectible Edible Oz

Jane Albright

In this soup-to-nuts presentation Jane Albright takes you on a whirlwind tour of selected food products marketed with an Oz theme. You’ll find that the big three—Jello, Swift’s Peanut Spread, and Dunkin Munchkins—are just the start to a crazy mix of foodstuffs that find a home in an Oz collection.

Live at To Oz! (7 pm Eastern on Zoom)

Ryan Jay

Oz historian Ryan Jay hosts our daily live Zoom sessions, chatting with some of the days presenters and introducing award presentations including the International Wizard of Oz Club’s highest honor, The L. Frank Baum Memorial Award.

Ease on Down the Road: Remembering The Wiz

Marc Baum

Take a trip to a different Oz. A magical place where the stories are vivid and the soundtrack has a soulful twist. The African American retelling of the classic Oz story as seen through the eyes of museum curators and some very special guests. The Wiz took Broadway by storm, spawned a movie, National Tours, and a reimagined telling with "The Wiz Live." The All Things Oz Museum is proud to have the first, and one of only two, permanent museum exhibits dedicated to The Wiz. We’ll visit the collection, talk about the impact of the story, and ease on down the road once more.

50 Years on the Yellow Brick Road

Sean Barrett

The Yellow Brick Road has wound its way through a magical mountain top in North Carolina for 50 years. Sean Barrett, Artistic Director for the Land of Oz, takes us down a road of milestones and memories. Join Sean as he recounts the history and stories that have drawn fans and families here for generations.

Happy Anniversary to MGM's "The Wizard of Oz"!

Ryan Jay

Celebrate the classic with Jessica Grové (Dorothy), Lara Teeter (Scarecrow), Robert Sher (cast recording producer), Jeff Rizzo (music director), and Jamie Rocco (choreographer) of the impressive 1999 Madison Square Garden live stage production! Oz historian Ryan Jay moderates a reunion panel with the cast and crew.

Official Entry Instructions: Toto Look-Alike, Best Dressed Pet, Definitely Not Toto Pet Photos, & Fan Costume Contests

Enter the Contests Now: Here's How

These are the official contest entry instructions for the Toto Look-Alike,  Best-Dressed Pet and the Definitely Not Toto Pet contests.  Your cosplay, too; the Fan Costume Contest is for you.

One entry per contest, per person.

The winners will be announced at the official Zoom Meeting on Sunday at 1PM Eastern!