Saturday August 7

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"Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?"

Dina Schiff-Massachi

...What Glinda Teaches Us About Powerful Women.

Oz fans can list all sorts of ways that MGM changed Baum’s classic American fairy tale, but not all changes are created equal. When the witches of the North and South are blended into one witch, Glinda’s goodness is called into question; why send Dorothy on a journey to a humbug Wizard while knowing that the shoes can send her home? As Oz is readapted and reimagined for new audiences, Glinda the not-so-good pops up again and again.

Glinda is always beautiful, often wise, sometimes a love interest, and sometimes the manipulating hand behind the scenes, but what does this mean for female power?

This presentation will examine Glinda the “good” in Baum’s Oz, the MGM film and post MGM Oz tales with an eye on what her power and her goodness means in relation to Baum’s utopian feminist vision.

Collecting International Oz

Mikey Dee and Jane Albright

Oz friends Mikey Dee (DeJesus) and Jane Albright are enthusiastic collectors of Oz material produced around the world. They shared some favorites in an interview one afternoon and share a recording of that interview with you now.

If you’re interested in books and products produced outside the United States, follow along for this happy show-and-tell filled with stories, frustrations, discoveries, and collecting tips. 

Be forewarned! The conversation kept right on going. Even this edited version runs 15 minutes past the hour mark. 

The Wonderful Recap of Oz

Garrett Kilgore

Justin Peavey’s recently launched a marvelous podcast that explores L. Frank Baum’s Oz. In each episode, he examines each book in the series. But he’s not stopping there; he also turns his attention to their individual film, stage, and television adaptations.

Oz Talk co-host Garrett Kilgore — another Oz fan who loves Baum’s work — interviews Justin and discovers much of what they have in common.

You can hear The Wonderful Recap of Oz on The OzConnection Youtube channel and on other podcast stations.

Plus a special peek into Freddy Fogarty's Return to Oz collection.

Editing The Baum Bugle

Sarah Crotzer

Four editors of the Oz Club journal share their memories and milestones.

Our current editor-in-chief Sarah Crotzer talks with past editors Michael Gessel, Atticus Gannaway, and Scott Cummings about their years in the editor’s seat.

Their work drove many of the changes that the Bugle has seen since 1957 — when 13-year-old Justin Schiller stapled his typed pages together and mailed them off to his fledgling group of 16 members.

Looking for More Puzzles? Try These

Last year we had fun with these digital jigsaw puzzle races using Jigsaw Planet. Try your hand at this new variety of images and levels of difficulty. 

You can see the completed image for each puzzle by clicking the icon in the lower left of each design. It will expand the puzzle to full screen, but it does take you off this website; use the “back” arrow in your browser to return.

Have fun!


The Music of The Wiz

Ryan Bunch

Oz Club Vice President Ryan Bunch discusses tunes that won the Tonys.

The Wiz swept the 1975 awards winning seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical. In this presentation, Ryan Bunch talks about how the songs in the original 1975 Broadway production were conceived and composed, and how they contributed to the musical’s soulful spin on the American fairy tale.

Ryan’s research has focused especially on musical theater, culminating in his forthcoming book Oz and the Musical: Performing the American Fairy Tale from Oxford University Press.

Meet the Creator of Hit the Bricks

PJ Scott-Blankenship

Oz Talk co-host, Garrett Kilgore, chats with PJ Scott-Blankenship creator of Hit the Bricks.

Enjoy learning more about — and listening along to — this radio-show-style re-imagining of the Oz series. 

The Wizard 20Twenty

Ryan Jay

An interview with KO, a fan with the vision and determination to make his dream come true.

Loving The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, and hip-hop, he’s brought all three together in his new film The Wizard 20Twenty. And he did it during a pandemic.

Thanks to Ryan Jay and Tiffay Sutton for making this interview happen.

Cosplayer? Meet Billy Ferguson

Meet Oz collector Billy Ferguson. A long-time member of the International Wizard of Oz Club, Billy creates and wears his own costumes.

From L. Frank Baum to the MGM cast, he steps in and out of character with ease. Whether’s he’s Miss Gulch or the Cowardly Lion, Glinda the Good, or the Wizard, he draws on inspiration from his extensive collection (seriously, people, we’re talking extensive!) to create just the right look for whomever he’s decided to be. He puts costumes on friends and styles wonderful photoshoots.

Enjoy this chat with the man behind so many fun faces.

Flashback 2020:
Under the Covers with The Wiz

Blair Frodelius

Although the film version of the hit Broadway musical was not a box office success, there are a lot of great songs that have been covered over the years.

For this set-list, we’ve chosen five pieces that really show the variety of arrangements including marching band from 2016, a version from a 1980’s British children’s television program, and even a lovely version of If You Believe by the ever young Johnny Mathis recorded in 1978.

Ease on down the road for a few minutes with these new interpretations. (20 minutes)

Dorothy Gale

Our celebrity Ozian -- joined by one of her best friends -- wraps up the day with a look at this evening's program.

Saturday Evening Join Us on Zoom

Saturday evening join us on Zoom beginning at 5:30 (CDT) for: 

Open the evening with our Oz trivia version of Bingo 6:00 pm (central)

Ryan Jay and Tori Calamito then share their interview Jessica Grové. Cast at age 15 as Dorothy in the all-star Madison Square Garden performance of The Wizard of Oz. It’s a good thing she kept the shoes, because more than 20 years later she was called back to click her heels once again. 

Live streaming at 7 pm central, The Rainbow Puppets bring L. Frank Baum’s The Marvelous Land of Oz to life. The young and young-at-heart will love the puppetry. More seasoned fans will be delighted to hear the voices of Geoffrey Holder, Mickey Rooney, Meinhardt Raabe and other well-known Ozian celebrities in the cast.

While we have your attention, it’s time to announce the recipient of the 2021 L. Frank Baum Memorial Award and the winners of the Oz Club’s annual contests.

Round 2 of the Wizard of Oz Challenge on Kahootz!

Wrap up the night playing board games with friends, or hang out in the Zoom room to socialize.