Saturday afternoon 1-5

Saturday Afternoon 1-5 PM EDT

The Castles of Oz: A Travelogue

Scott Cummings

Have your 2020 summer vacation plans been upended? Well, Oz has reopened for business! Tommy Kwikstep Tours is now booking tours of the posh palaces, the fabulous fortresses, the gorgeous gardens, and the thrilling throne rooms of some of the most celebrated castles of the wonderful Land of Oz. Join us for a 30-minute travelogue about our “Castles of Oz” vacation package, during which we will map a course through dozens of palaces in the Quadling, Winkie, Gillikin, and Munchkin countries. Your tour begins and ends with luxury accommodations in the fabulous Emerald City palace. Hurry! Only a few seats remain.

Learn to Play the Home from Oz Game

Joseph & Jessica South

Home from Oz is a card game for 2-6 players, ages 8-adult. Get ready for an adventure through the land of Oz as game developers Joseph and Jessica South teach you to play.

Return to Oz at 35

Colin Ayres

J. L. Bell is a former editor of Oziana, the Oz Club's creative magazine. For this discussion he is joined by Sarah Crotzer, editor of The Baum Bugle, and musician and filmmaker Eliza Wren. Plus a special peek into Freddy Fogarty's Return to Oz collection.

Return to Oz: Which Media?

Colin Ayres

What’s the best way to watch Return to Oz in 2020? No need to revive your own dusty VCR. Return to Oz is more accessible than ever; download it on iTunes, Amazon, or stream it on Disney+. On physical media should you get the DVD or collectible Blu Ray? Which is the best high-quality way to watch this Oz cult classic? Colin Ayres and Sam Milazzo review the different options.

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Cuttenclip Puppets: Make a Paper Scraps!

Anthony Whitaker

Anthony Whitaker demonstrates how to make a paper Patchwork Girl puppet using his own design. You’ll find his Tin Woodman design also is included in the download. Then for good measure, he adds a paper-bag Cowardly Lion that’s a bit more suitable for younger fingers. The Patchwork Girl of Oz has long been one of Anthony's favorite characters.

Highlights of Oz in Comics

Marc Baum

Marc Baum discusses comic books and Oz, the impact of Oz and the Oz stories on modern comics, the first-ever DC/Marvel crossover comic book, and several surprises along the way. From the 1910 comic strip to the currently published The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West, and the new upcoming continuation of Marvel's Oz series...we will take a tour into the pages of Oz!

Calling All Dogs!

Sheila Lamb

Do you have your own Toto? Share a photo of him/her in our Toto look alike contest for the chance for your pet to be furever known as looking the most like our favorite canine star. Our hosts from The Oz Experience will recognize two categories 1) Most Like Toto and 2) Best-Dressed for pets dressed in Oz costumes.
Which one looks the least like Toto?Just for fun, upload your "pet"

Dorothy Must Die,
a Reading with Author Danielle Paige

Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die is a best-selling young-adult novel placed in a dystopian version of Oz. Set in modern times, Dorothy Gale is now the antagonist when high school student Amy Gumm arrives to change the balance of power in Oz. Wildly popular, author Danielle Paige has followed her first book with sequels, short stories, and prequels that explore her Land of Oz. She introduces you to her book in this reading and talks about her writing.

What I Did For Oz:
Inspiration From the Emerald City

Garrett Kilgore

Garrett Kilgore interviews members of the Oz community about their love for the books and how they’ve inspired them personally, professionally or creatively.

Official Entry Instructions: Toto Look-Alike, Best Dressed Pet, Definitely Not Toto Pet Photos, & Fan Costume Contests

Enter the Contests Now: Here's How

These are the official contest entry instructions for the Toto Look-Alike,  Best-Dressed Pet and the Definitely Not Toto Pet contests.  Your cosplay, too; the Fan Costume Contest is for you.

One entry per contest, per person.

The winners will be announced at the official Zoom Meeting on Sunday at 1PM Eastern!