Friday, August 6

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Five Non-Fiction Oz Writers
Talk About Their Work.

Jane Albright, interviews

From a Munchkin’s autobiography to a book of Oz art, these are authors who tackle the facts. Oz Club President Jane Albright interviews five writers working in the non-fiction Oz genre.

- Betty Ann Bruno, The Munchkin Diary: My Personal Yellow Brick Road (2020)

- Brady Schwind, The Lost Art of Oz (TBD)

- Heather Greene, Lights, Camera, Witchcraft: A Critical History of Witches in American Film and Television (2021)

- Dina Schiff Massachi, “Somewhere on Top of a Mountain—a Real Journey to Oz” in the book Childhood Narratives and the Places They Inspire (eta 2021)

- Atticus Gannaway, The Men Behind the Curtain (TBD)

The Yellow Brick Road

Dan Olsofka

Where can you find a Yellow Brick Road? An Oz museum? A historic site?

Webmaster Dan Olsofka created a website to show you. He’s recorded a tour of the site to help you navigate it and find your way to Oz attractions around America. From Oz playgrounds to Oz celebrity headstones, he’s brought it all together in one wonderful resource.

Tiffany Sutton: Follow The Yellow Brick Girl

Victoria Calamito

Tiffany Sutton is @FollowTheYellowBrickGirl — a boundless source of Ozzy enthusiasm. With a closet full of Ruby Slippers and a bookcase full of Oz books, she’s “bounding” her way to magical adventures through inspired Ozzy content creation on Instagram.

Tori Calamito of “The Oz Vlog” interviews Tiffany about her life-long obsession with Oz, her favorite ways to style Oz characters, and her footwear.

The International Wizard of Oz Club

Jane Albright

Want to know more about The Oz Club?

Current Club President Jane Albright, who joined in 1971, narrates this slide show of images capturing highlights and milestones.

It’s a bit more personal than some histories might be, but if you’d like a better feel for who we are, where we come from, and what we do, this might be just what you’re looking for.

A Musical Oz Oddity

Bill Campbell

Collector Bill Campbell shares Oz music box discs from the early years of Oz.

Listen along as Bill plays music from the 1903 Wizard of Oz Broadway musical on his antique music box. His collection of rare discs gives you the rare opportunity to hear the earliest Oz music.

Take a break from watching...
Work a Puzzle!

Last year we had fun with these digital jigsaw puzzle races using Jigsaw Planet. Try your hand at this new variety of images and levels of difficulty.

You can see the completed image for each puzzle by clicking the icon in the lower left of each design. The icon on the lower right will expand the puzzle to full screen, but it does take you off this website; use the "back" arrow in your browser to return. Have fun!

Oz Treasures with Cindy Ragni

The Lousiana Quadling Takes You
Behind the Camera of His YouTube Channel

David Diket

David Diket's popular YouTube videos examine Oz topics twice a month. Whether he's showing collectibles, performing on piano, or offering a review, considerable work goes into each issue. Here he walks you through the process from concept to finished product.

2020 Flashback: Enjoy it again...
An MGM Wizard of Oz Playlist

Blair Frodelius

With over 80 years of cover versions, the classic film features several memorable songs.

For this playlist, we are focusing on some of the more unusual versions over the years. Included here are covers of Over the Rainbow by country music stars Homer & Jethro from 1947, Sammy Davis Jr.’s swinging 1966 version of Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead, an exotica version of We’re Off to See the Wizard from Martin Denny in 1960, and a 2005 The Flaming Lips’ cover of If I Only Had a Brain.

Sit back, and enjoy these familiar songs in a whole new way. (18 minutes)

A message from Dorothy about this evening's program...

Friday evening join us on Zoom

Friday evening join us on Zoom
beginning at 5:30  (CDT) for: 

  • The Wizard of Oz Challenge on Kahoot! (Have the Kahoot app on a device to play.)
  • The Oz Club’s own Oz Talk show streams live for the first time ever! 6 pm (central) Join our regular hosts Ryan Jay, Tori Calamito, Garrett Kilgore and Zoe O’Haillen-Berne with special guests Tara Tagliaferro and EmKay Shrader of The Yellow Brick Pod.  Go directly to Youtube to participate live.  Those in our Zoom room will watch through screen-share, but only those on Youtube will be able to interact with the cast. 
  • An Ozzy version of Bingo.
  • Ryan Jay then shares his interview with David Shire, the composer of the score for Disney’s 1985 live-action film Return to Oz.
  • Wrap up the night playing board games with friends, or hang out in the Zoom room to socialize.