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L. Frank Baum Was Here,
a Birthplace of Baum Tour

Marc Baum

Born in Chittenango in 1856, Baum and his family roamed the streets of this historic village. A canal landing site along the Erie Canal, the Chittenango Landing was a three bay dock for canal boats to be repaired. The museum is housed in a building from the Baum era that used to be the apothecary shop in town. The tour doesn't end along the yellow brick road in Chittenango, we will also visit some Baum related sites in Syracuse as well. The building Baum's Dry Goods store was in, The place where he met Maud Gage, the famous Rose Lawn estate area, and the Matilda Joslyn Gage house where L. Frank Baum was married.

The Gage House, Home to the Wonderful Mother of Oz

Sally Wagner, PhD

Welcome to the Gage House, and most particularly the front parlor, where L. Frank Baum married Maud Gage, daughter of Suffragist leader, Matilda Joslyn Gage. Dr. Wagner joins us to share the life and work of this extraordinary leader and advocate for social justice. Each room in the home tells a different story. Here, Dr. Wagner shares them all with Oz fans in mind.

The Voice of Liberty

Sarah Crotzer

Angelica Shirley Carpenter has made a second career writing accessible, engaging non-fiction work about Oz-related topics. Her new picture book, The Voice of Liberty, vividly dramatizes an episode in the radical life of suffragist Matilda Joslyn Gage, the mother-in-law of L. Frank Baum. In this engaging conversation, Baum Bugle editor Sarah Crotzer talks with Angelica about her early associations with Oz, her biographies L. Frank Baum: Royal Historian of Oz and Born Criminal, her future projects and of course, The Voice of Liberty.

Halfway to Oz: L. Frank Baum in San Diego

Atticus Gannaway

In 1904, when L. Frank Baum escaped winter in Chicago and came to the San Diego area for the first time, he fell in love with its natural beauty and balmy weather. It was the closest place to Oz he could find. For the next six years, the Baums wintered in California nearly every year, coinciding with Baum’s most productive period as a writer. Learn how iconic locales such as the Hotel del Coronado and La Jolla influenced many of Baum’s books and ultimately attracted him to California as a full-time resident.

Treasures of the All Things Oz Museum

Marc Baum

Take a peek behind the curtain at the collection and history of the All Things Oz Museum in Chittenango, New York.

Painting Party: Create You Own Oz Painting

Chris Diket

An artist and Oz fan in Louisiana, Chris Diket shows you how to create an Oz painting of your very own. Gather up your supplies and follow along. See this event's Presentation Blog for the list of supplies you'll need.

Digital Puzzle Races

Everything Oz

Everything Oz (EO) administrator Barb Huddleson once put an image on that Facebook page that could be worked as a digital puzzle through Jigsaw Planet. And a tradition was born! Now a near-daily activity for the EO community, you can try your hand at a variety of images and levels of difficulty. You can see the completed image for each puzzle by clicking the icon in the lower left of each design. The icon on the lower right will expand the puzzle to full screen, but it does take you off this website; use the "back" arrow in your browser to return. Have fun!

Horror & Humor:
Return to Oz, Baum, and
How We Handle The Scary Stuff

Dina Schiff Massachi

Some critics have denounced Disney’s Return to Oz as a horror film that has scarred its child viewers, but many of the oft-criticized scenes are true to Baum’s original texts. Did Baum forget his aspirations to create a fairy tale where “the heart-aches and nightmares are left out”? Do the film’s visual depictions and blending of two of Baum’s novels change the tale? Or did Baum’s unique blend of horror and humor make the scary moments palatable and family friendly? Dina Schiff Massachi will use Baum’s Oz novels and Return to Oz as she explores these questions.

Rocky Road to Return to Oz

Colin Ayres

Return to Oz: The original vision. Since 1980 a production of Walter Murch’s film Oz was planned with elaborate locations such as the Sahara, but ultimately end up filmed in England and Portland, Oregon. What could Return to Oz have been and what happened behind the scenes for such dramatic shift that resulted in Murch being briefly fired. None other than George Lucas and Steve Spielberg intervened.

Shirley/Oz Connections

Melissa Tonnesen

Tune in to find out all the ways Shirley Temple is linked to Oz – and it’s not that old “first choice to play Dorothy” story! The three-part presentation will include recorded video with a bit of “show and tell” and a narrated slide show presentation. The presentation is in three parts: a short overview, a detailed look at times Shirley’s life intersected with Oz, and information specific to Shirley Temple’s Storybook production of The Land of Oz (1960)

Under the Covers of MGM's Wizard of Oz: a Playlist

Blair Frodelius

With over 80 years of cover versions, the classic film features several memorable songs. For this playlist, we are focusing on some of the more unusual versions over the years. Included in this set-list are covers of Over the Rainbow by country music stars Homer & Jethro from 1947, Sammy Davis Jr.’s swinging 1966 version of Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead, an exotica version of We’re Off to See the Wizard from Martin Denny in 1960, and a 2005 The Flaming Lips’ cover of If I Only Had a Brain. Sit back, and enjoy these familiar songs in a whole new way. (18 minutes)

Official Entry Instructions: Toto Look-Alike, Best Dressed Pet, Definitely Not Toto Pet Photos, & Fan Costume Contests

Enter the Contests Now: Here's How

These are the official contest entry instructions for the Toto Look-Alike,  Best-Dressed Pet and the Definitely Not Toto Pet contests.  Your cosplay, too; the Fan Costume Contest is for you.

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