Friday Evening

Friday Evening 5-10 pm

Happy Hour: Road through Oz Cocktails

Blair Frodelius

There is always a party in Oz! Learn how to make some drinks (both spirited and spirit-free) that will make you feel like you're celebrating with your favorite Oz characters at home!

If you'd like to follow along at home, you can find the recipes demonstrated in this session's blog.

Dinner: Oz in the Kitchen

Bill Campbell and Irwin Terry

Follow Bill Campbell and Irwin Terry into their kitchen armed with Oz-themed cookbooks. They’ll demonstrate a recipe or two, and serve their thoughts on the different cookbooks available to collectors.

Collecting Return to Oz

Wally Krueger

Games, toys, ephemera, and more accompanied the release of Disney’s 1985 live-action film, Return to Oz. Walter Krueger serves up a show-and-tell look at some of these pieces in his collection, including those released exclusively overseas.

A Wheeler Looks Back

Ryan Jay

Pons Maar was cast as a wheeler in Disney’s Return to Oz 35 years ago. In an interview with Oz historian Ryan Jay today, he shares memories of his time on set and the challenges of bringing Baum’s character to life.

LIVE on Zoom: Return to Oz Watch Party
(9pm Eastern)

Victoria Calamito

Join hostess Tori Calamito for a live watch party with other fans. Cue up Disney’s live-action film Return to Oz and watch along while we chat in real time. The 1985 film prompts a wide range of reaction in Oz fans; expect diverse opinion! For three years Tori has hosted live Oz watch parties every other week on the Oz Club’s Facebook page. No DVD or DVR Recording handy? You get find Return to Oz on iTunes, Amazon, and stream on Disney+.

Official Entry Instructions: Toto Look-Alike, Best Dressed Pet, Definitely Not Toto Pet Photos, & Fan Costume Contests

Enter the Contests Now: Here's How

These are the official contest entry instructions for the Toto Look-Alike,  Best-Dressed Pet and the Definitely Not Toto Pet contests.  Your cosplay, too; the Fan Costume Contest is for you.

One entry per contest, per person.

The winners will be announced at the official Zoom Meeting on Sunday at 1PM Eastern!