To Oz? To Oz! 2021

We’re off again to immerse ourselves in Oz from the safety of home. Join us August 6-8 for interviews, presentations, games and fun. Enjoy our prerecorded programs all day, and join us live on Zoom evenings and Sunday afternoon.

Link to more detail about each of our topics from our Blog page.

Friday morning we’ll open eight topics on the Oz Club’s Official Youtube Channel at 8 am (Central):

  1. Non-fiction: the other Oz genre; meet five writers focusing on non-fiction Oz
  2. Bill Beem presents favorites from his massive Oz record collection 
  3. Dan Olsofka of leads you to Oz destinations around the US 
  4. Tiffany (FollowTheYellowBrickGirl) & Tori Calamito talk about Oz Cosplay 
  5. 64 years and counting, current Oz Club president Jane Albright shares Oz Club history
  6. Early Oz music box discs; Bill Campbell describes and plays those in his collection
  7. Cindy Ragni (Wonderful Books of Oz) shares favorites from her personal collection
  8. “The Wizard 20Twenty” is a hiphop passion project; meet the fan behind it with Ryan Jay 


Friday evening’s live events beginning at 5:30 central: 

  • Start your evening off with the Wizard of Oz Challenge on Kahootz!
  • Next up is a live recording of the Oz Club’s own Oz Talk program. Join our regular hosts Ryan Jay, Tori Calamito, Garrett Kilgore and Zoe O’Haillen-Berne with special guests Tara Tagliaferro and EmKay Shrader of The Yellow Brick Pod. Watch it on Youtube to participate live, or follow the screen share on Zoom where you’ll see the show come together, but won’t get to be part of the interactivity. 
  • Try your knowledge and your luck with an Ozzy version of Bingo.
  • Ryan Jay then shares his interview with David Shire, the composure of the score for Disney’s 1985 live-action film Return to Oz.
  • Wrap up the night playing board games with friends, or hang out in the Zoom room to socialize.

Saturday morning we’ll add more programs on our YouTube channel at 8 am (central):

  1. Dina Schiff Massachi explores “Are You a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch”: When Glinda Isn’t Good”
  2. Mikey Dee & Jane Albright share their International Oz collections
  3. Garrett Kilgore interviews Justin Peavy about the of the Wonderful Recap of Oz podcast 
  4. The Baum Bugle: editor-in-chief Sarah K. Crotzer and past editors discuss the journal’s evolution
  5. The Music of “The Wiz” with Oz Club Vice President Ryan Bunch
  6. Creator PJ Scott-Blankenship invites you to “Hit the Bricks” with his radio-show-style Oz series
  7. Go behind the Camera with the Louisiana Quadling to see how his Youtube programs are made
  8. Billy Ferguson has cosplayed Oz characters from L. Frank Baum to Miss Gulch; Jane Albright talks to him about costume creation

Saturday evening’s live program begins…

  • Open the evening with our Oz trivia version of Bingo 6:00 pm (central)
  • Ryan Jay and Tori Calamito then share their interview Jessica Grové. Cast at age 15 as Dorothy in the all-star Madison Square Garden performance of The Wizard of Oz, it’s a good thing she kept the shoes because more than 20 years later she was called back to click her heels once again.
  • Live streaming at 7 pm central, The Rainbow Puppets bring L. Frank Baum’s The Marvelous Land of Oz to life. The young and young-at-heart will love the puppetry. More seasoned fans will be delighted to hear the voices of Geoffrey Holder, Mickey Rooney, Meinhardt Raabe and other well-known Ozian celebrities in the cast.
  • While we have your attention, it’s time to announce the recipient of the 2021 L. Frank Baum Memorial Award and the winners of the Oz Club’s annual contests.
  • Round 2 of the Wizard of Oz Challenge on Kahootz!
  • Wrap up the night playing board games with friends, or hang out in the Zoom room to socialize.

Sunday Funday

  • Bring your brushes, paints, and canvas to our live painting party. 
  • Our third and final Kahootz! Wizard of Oz Challenge then leads into a watchalong matinee of MGM’s classic film; you’ll need to play the film yourself on a second device while Tori Calamito leads our discussion of it over Zoom.
  • Our final round of Oz bingo is your last chance to win a prize.
  • Stick around to visit in the Zoom room or join friends to play digital board games. 

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