Paint-Along Party (Talent Optional)

Ready to paint? Gather up these supplies and join our live painting party Sunday afternoon. Jeffrey Young leads and instructs as you follow along. This is designed to be fun for all ages and all skill levels. Enjoy the process — and have a painting to remember it!

To participate, you’ll need about $15-20 in supplies:

  • Acrylic paint in blue, your preferred skin tone, red, silver, black, brown, yellow, green, white, and red or silver glitter (optional). Most colors at Walmart range from .50 cents to $1.69 but you may find them even cheaper at a store like Dollar Tree.

  • Drawing utensil, preferable a watercolor pencil.

  • Paint brushes such as a $3.99 set from a hobby store

  • An 18 x 24 canvas (approximately $4.99 from a hobby store). You can go smaller if you like.

  • Something to use as a paint-mixing palette; a paper plate is just fine.
Click the red button below to get the line art if you’d like to print it out in advance. 

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