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Have you ever wanted to try an antique Oz board game, but you don’t want to potentially damage your valuable collectible? Now, you don’t have to run the risk! 

Over the past year in lockdown, our Baum Bugle editor-in-chief Sarah Crotzer has been digitizing rare, vintage Oz board games to play online with friends. Now, she invites you to learn and play three of them after-hours during our convention weekend. Sarah will be hosting tables for a different game every day, which convention guests can enjoy either as participants or spectators. 

  1. Friday night: 1921’s The Wonderful Game of Oz
  2. Saturday night: 1939’s The Game of The Wizard of Oz 
  3. Sunday afternoon: 1968’s Off to See the Wizard game


To play or watch, you’ll need to use a computer – not a phone – and register for free access to the Steam platform ( After registration, you will need to find and purchase Tabletop Simulator (a $19.99 purchase).

Along with her individual game tutorials (linked to buttons below), Sarah has created a special video guide to using Tabletop Simulator (red button below). PLEASE watch this short video before you arrive to play the games.  

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