Christmas in Oz

Here’s a link to a recent President’s Corner Blog about a display that I’ve left at the OZ Museum in Wamego, Kansas. It has a Christmas theme and might give you an idea or two for what we might do during our December virtual gathering. Please post comments with virtual party ideas on this blog. 

While the Oz Club and larger Oz community is a diverse crowd with members that celebrate all the season’s holidays, Santa has managed to get an edge over any others. L. Frank Baum wrote a book about him in 1904, took him to Oz in 1909 (Road to Oz), had Oz characters visit his workshop…  He just pops in and out of the Oz.

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    1. We need to have stream-on-demand access to anything we watch together, and that movie wouldn’t be available like that yet. It’s also so long we’d not have time for anything else. But I agree it would be more fun to watch with other fans. I’d asked on Facebook is anyone was organizing a watch party there, but no one responded to the thread if they did.

    1. You are full of ideas, Sara! And Ray is a delightful part of this group. But that idea was taken. As I mentioned when Dee suggested it during our Thanksgiving party, Ray performed as Santa at an online Oz event last night. We have so much crossover in our audiences that we work at not duplicating things. Anything that would encourage participation by a lot of people would be helpful since our point is to get to know others.

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