Greetings Oz fans! 

Welcome to the online community of the International Wizard of Oz Club. We began hosting virtual Oz events in August 2020 with To Oz! And have sponsored regular virtual gathering ever since. 

This site is a wealth of pre-recorded talks, interviews, demonstrations, and more. We interested in all aspects of Oz, so you can expect a diverse range of Oz topics.

Joining the community and set up your own page to interact with other members through their posts and start your own conversations. We’ll also be able to email you about upcoming events and to send you any fun digital participant keepsakes we dream up. 

Individual Presentation Blogs tell you about each topic. Find them on Blog drop-down menu at the top of the page. Those pages are where you can comment and ask questions here.

Use the Activity area on your own profile to post photos and start conversations; you can post on the Activity page of other members, too. Change your profile and cover photos as often as you like, and share your Oz interests with other fans.

If you have an Oz website, blog, Youtube channel, etc., include it in your profile. Post about it, too. Please keep posts family-friendly; there’s no age restrictions in this community.

The Social Buzz link under Community finds all current conversations. Join them! It’s a great way to meet other fans.

On Youtube the Official Oz Club Channel hosts the majority of our videos. The most recent will have a “private” setting on Youtube so you can only reach them through links from the To Oz community.

We also use Zoom to help fans interact; but we can only invite you to join us there if we have an email address for you. We’ll use the one you leave in your personal profile.

You don’t have to be a member of the Oz Club to participate, of course, but if you find us an appealing group, we’d love to have you!  You can learn more about the Club at OzClub.org, or jump straight into our secure online store, shop.OzClub.org where memberships are available with credit card or paypal. Our mailing address is:  

The International Wizard of Oz Club
PO Box 150230
Grand Rapids, MI

Email: Admin@OzClub.org


Jane Albright

International Wizard of Oz Club President

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    1. The content is still set to “protected” until the weekend begins. I’ve asked our developer to add times to the tabs on the program schedule to help.

      Afternoon content opens at 1pm, Evenings at 5pm, and Mornings at 9 am — those times are Eastern Daylight.

      Live Zoom times are Friday at 9 pm, Saturday at 7 pm, and Sunday at 1 pm. Again, those are Eastern.

      You can see all the different topics under Presentation Blogs — and post questions.

    1. Hi Eleanor, It was looking like the “automatic” emails weren’t being sent, so I set up a Mailchimp account and wrote everyone that way. You were on the distribution at 8:02 Tuesday night, so I don’t know why it wasn’t received. But as Dewey said, the first group of activities begins at 1 today. The times for opening each programming block and what topics are included are listed in the home page Program Schedule. (Did John get an email? He just signed up, and now that some people are reporting that they got three emails (?) I hesitate to send another at this point.)

    1. You can see what is lined up for Saturday night on that tab of the program on the home page. And you can look up individual session/presenter descriptions in the Presentations Blog area, but the blocks of time themselves are blocked until we open them for viewing. There was just too much with 60+ sessions for us to put it all out there at once. It would be overwhelming!

  1. Great job Jane, and everyone else involved in creating presentations, or programming this website. This was really interesting! There was a huge variety of topics and by doing it online, I was able to skip around or take a break and continue watching at a later time. This was a good idea to have the Convention online this way.

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