Happy anniversary to MGM’s The Wizard of Oz!

Celebrate the classic with Jessica Grové (Dorothy), Lara Teeter (Scarecrow), Robert Sher (cast recording producer), Jeff Rizzo (music director), and Jamie Rocco (choreographer) of the impressive 1999 Madison Square Garden live stage production! Oz historian Ryan Jay moderates a reunion panel with the cast and crew.

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  1. Very entertaining interview session. I had seen this production at Madison Square Garden, and the one before it at Paper Mill Playhouse in NJ, so it was great to hear some backstage stories from some of the people who were involved. Great job!

  2. Fabulous interview! I met Mickey during the Toronto stop of this tour. It led to him doing seven projects with us. The stagecraft and performances on this tour were the best ever! Thanks for posting.

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