Shirley/Oz Connections

Tune in to find out all the ways Shirley Temple is linked to Oz – and it’s not that old “first choice to play Dorothy” story! The three-part presentation will include recorded video with a bit of “show and tell” and a narrated slide show presentation. The presentation is in three parts: a short overview, a detailed look at times Shirley’s life intersected with Oz, and information specific to Shirley Temple’s Storybook production of The Land of Oz (1960)

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  1. Did you know that Shirley met Toto long before Judy did? The photo shown is from the 1934 film Bright Eyes. Terry the cairn terrier played her pal Rags. Bright Eyes was Terry’s second film role, released a month after Ready for Love which starred Ida Lupino.

  2. Great job on your presentation. I also discovered Shirley movies around the same time I got into Oz, so I’m right there with you on appreciating both. That is soooo cool that you own one of Shirley’s personal dresses.

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