Painting Party: Create Your Own Oz Painting

An artist and Oz fan in Louisiana, Chris Diket shows you how to create an Oz painting of your very own. Gather up your supplies and follow along.

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  1. Here is a supply list from Chris if you want to prepare in advance.

    Paints (Acrylics):
    • Rose Red
    • Cadmium Orange
    • Primary Yellow
    • Viridian Green
    • White
    • Ultramarine Blue

    To hold the paint (choose one):
    • Paper palette
    • Newspaper
    • Paper plate
    Brushes (small and medium-sized – you can see how big they are in the video)
    Container or cup (for water to dip brushes in)
    Spray bottle (to keep the paint wet)
    Tracing paper
    Permanent marker (small tip in black)
    Watercolor paper or canvas board (8×10)

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