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Curious about our To Oz! team?

With so many Oz groups able to manage their own virtual events this year, and in-person events appearing around the country, we didn’t circle the wagons to create one massive online event this year. Instead this year To Oz! is brought to you just by The International Wizard of Oz Club.

But there are a few links to some of our members we should share; their support of this event is greatly appreciated.  

1. International Wizard of Oz Club

2. Spirit of Oz character cast

3. The Oz Vlog

4. Ryan Jay Reviews.

Wonderful Books of Oz has a special offer for you!

Receive $10 off a $35 minimum order, expires on August 21. Shop and use code ToOz2021 at check out. Thank you, to proprietor Cindy Ragni!


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  1. This is a great idea! And having it in early August brings back great memories of many Munchkin Conventions I attended in Delaware/Pennsylvania/New Jersey. Looking forward to viewing a Virtual Convention.

    1. Right now only Friday afternoon is open. Go to Friday afternoon on the dropdown at the top of the screen, and all the things you can stream or do open in a long, scrollable field. We’ll open more at 5 o’clock tonight. I hope that help.

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